ASTM C-1152

Acid-Soluble Chlorides Test

Acid-soluble chloride tests are one of the most common forms of chloride tests – and for good reason. It is incredibly useful for testing the amount of acid-soluble chloride in hydraulic-cement systems. 

This metric is important to understand if you are involved in the construction industry and need to test the strength of your mortar or concrete. It can make all the difference in determining whether it is indeed suitable for a construction project.

Learning more about the importance of an ASTM C-1152 Acid-Soluble Chlorides Test can improve your ability to complete your job while ensuring you are using strong construction materials and not putting anyone at undue risk.

With this in mind, the following guide details everything you need to know about the ASTM C-1152 Acid-Soluble Chlorides Test, the benefits, and whether it is right for your business and industry:

What Is ASTM C-1152 Acid-Soluble Chlorides Testing?

The ASTM C-1152 Acid-Soluble Chlorides Test is one of the two most common chloride test types (alongside water-soluble testing). It consists of a full extraction method and is used to test and analyze the amount of acid-soluble chloride in hydraulic-cement mortar. Mostly, acid-soluble chloride is equal to the total amount of chloride in the material.

What Is The Purpose of This Test?

ASTM C-1152 Acid-Soluble Chlorides tests are vital if you work with construction materials such as mortar. The reason is simple; the amount of acid-soluble chloride in the material can affect its strength, consistency, and longevity, especially if it has been injected with organic substances that may not immediately pose a problem. 

So why do you need to test for chloride in these materials? Chloride is a negatively charged ion and can react strongly with certain materials it comes into contact with. In cement or mortar-based construction materials, this could mean that the chloride reacts with the iron steel that supports it, causing corrosion. A possible result of this is that the concrete itself expands and cracks, potentially leading to structural weakness in the building it supports.

Which Industries and Professionals Use This Test?

Acid-soluble chloride testing is mostly utilized by the construction industry to ensure the materials used are structurally sound, safe, and fit for the job. 

Whether you are a builder making sure the materials you use are strong enough or a supplier of concrete ingredients approving a batch before it is transported to customers, this testing has a wide range of beneficial uses.

The Benefits of This Test

The core benefits of testing the levels of acid-soluble chlorides in construction materials are the safety and longevity of the structure.

High chloride levels are likely to lead to corrosion, which in turn leads to compromised structural integrity. When there is a lack of structural integrity in a structure such as a building or a bridge, the danger of catastrophic failure increases exponentially. 

Therefore, to ensure the safety of a structure, testing acid-soluble chloride levels pre-construction is required by law across the globe. Ensuring the levels are within the acceptable range before the concrete is poured helps prevent corrosion and degradation issues from arising prematurely.

Testing the chloride levels of concrete samples from existing bridges, buildings, and other structures can give engineers insight into the health of the structure. Based on the results of the test, the fate of the structure will be decided. Including the maintenance procedures necessary to ensure the structure will remain intact, strong, and safe to use for years to come.

By testing thoroughly, structures are safer, and accidents are avoided. The building, bridges, and roadways your company erects stand the test of time and your company earns a reputation as a safe and trusted choice in the construction industry.

Do You Need an ASTM C-1152 Acid-Soluble Chlorides Test?

Given the importance of using high-quality, safe materials in construction, ASTM C-1152 Acid-Soluble Chloride testing is a crucial element for anyone or any business operation in this industry. If you need professional testing, feel free to contact our expert team today. Furthermore, a faster turnaround time for testing is available upon request, ensuring you receive results for your project quickly.

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