ASTM C-1218

Water-Soluble Chlorides Test

Analyzing chloride content is one of the most commonly performed concrete-related chemical analyses. The reason for this is simple: chloride can potentially deteriorate the concrete’s structural integrity.

Too much water-soluble chloride present in cementitious mixtures can accelerate the corrosion of certain embedded metallic materials. Because corrosion can lead to unwanted expansion and loss of integrity, this results in structural issues with concrete.

When these structural problems take hold, the result includes issues such as concrete cracking. Concrete weakness is a serious problem due to health and safety concerns, and you’ll have to either deal with it via a costly repair bill or opt for the last resort: demolition.

To avoid such scenarios, testing is critical. This is where the ASTMC 1218 Water Soluble Chloride Test plays an important role.

The ASTMC 1218 test method: an overview

With the amount of damage it can cause and the various sources it can come from, there are several reasons to test for chloride in concrete. Everything from soil to road deicing salts can be a source of chloride, as can the water used for mixing concrete.

Concrete with chloride content isn’t necessarily a bad situation. However, excessive amounts of chloride within can be problematic, particularly if the concrete features steel reinforcement.

The ASTMC 1218 test helps with identifying water-soluble chloride that’s present in concrete. By detecting high levels of chloride early, you can take the necessary steps to remedy the situation before any serious issues develop.

Furthermore, this test isn’t only for new cementitious mixtures. It is also utilized for existing structures. The reason is that water-soluble chloride levels can change over time. Additional chloride ingress can produce an increase in chloride content, for example, while chloride-binding might potentially have the opposite effect.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for testing to be conducted on a somewhat frequent basis.

The scope of the test

With assistance from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), here is the detailed scope for C1218:

  1. The test covers steps to sample and analyze concrete or hydraulic cement mortar for water-soluble chloride.
  2. Standard reference notes and footnotes supply explanatory information about the test. The text featured in these notes and footnotes is not to be regarded as a requirement.
  3. The SI units and inch-pound units are values that need to be considered separately as standard. Inch-pound units are displayed within brackets. Exact equivalents are not provided for the stated values of each system, which means they have to be utilized independently of each other.
  4. Users are responsible for establishing necessary health and safety practices when conducting the test.

Testing standards to meet your needs

Chloride testing is an area of expertise at A & S Laboratories. To ensure your concrete is structurally sound and protected against corrosion, our ASTMC 1218 testing will do the job.

With decades of experience in the industry and using the latest testing equipment and standards, our experts can effectively test concrete for water-soluble chloride, delivering accurate, prompt results when you need them most.

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